Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

a dumb brief intro

This is the speakerbird speaking:

Okay so this is my first post. I don't know what to say actually, so maybe I'm just going to introduce myself (geez what a boring post right -,-) Sooo, I'm Qya, I'm 18 at the moment and I'm such a newbie in this blogging thingy so I still need a LOT of help operating this thing (a.k.a I'm still DUMB) hehe. I am currently studying in the University of Indonesia and I'm taking a major in Psychology <09>. It's sure is FUN studying psychology, believe me :) I studied in SMA 78 <09>(the best highschool ever!), SMP Tarakanita 3<06>, SD Bhakti<03>, Maroubra Junction Public School, TK Bhakti, and TK Mini Bu Kasur (udah lupa ahh taunnya!hhe).

Okaaayy because I'm still so damn dumb at this thing I have nothing else to say, sorry and goodbye for today. See ya later alligator!