Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Oh yeah, that's how it works!

Wah udah lama banget nih ga posting. Sekarang ceritanya gw lagi libur semesteran sebulaan. Dan gak seperti liburan biasanya dimana gw gak betah di rumah, liburan kali ini gw mageeeeeeeeer banget. Rasanya cuma pengen nonton TV dan main internet dari pagi sampe malem (Yeah, get a life!). Naaah karena ituu gw lagi seneng streaming serial favorit gw, How I Met Your Mother. Di episode 8 season 5 yang judulnya "The Playbook" ceritanya Barney sama Robyn baru putus terus si Robin bilang dia mau fokus kerja dan gamau nyari hubungan lagi. Then, I got this quote:

Robyn: Alright, I'm going to go get the paper.

Ted: More like go get a husband

Marshall: Heh, totally...

Robyn: Ok guys, stop that, seriously. The last thing I'm looking for right now is a relationship.

Ted: Uh huh... When you pick up that paper make sure you check the wedding announcements.... FOR YOURS.

Marshall: Robyn, it's like this; Do you have any idea how many in my life I've gone to the freezer looking for frozen waffles and not found them?

Robyn: Thousands?

Marshall: Millions. But when I go to the freezer looking for a popsicle, or the remote control because Lily and I are having a fight and she's hidden it there, do you know what I find? Frozen waffles... That's how it works! You go out there looking for a paper, you're coming back with frozen waffles! In this case, frozen waffles is a guy. Also, could you pick up some frozen waffles? In that case, frozen waffles are... frozen waffles.

P.S on that night Robyn really found a guy

 Isn't it so true? And that's how I found you too. When I was so damn sure I'm tired of looking for the right guy and started to find other things that can make me happy. And there you are, standing outside the door, calling my name, being the more than the right guy. 

Oh how I love How I Met Your Mother! :P