Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Get Ready and Sail Away!

Have a great sail my dear, you're a big boy now
Go reach those stars above, they'll smile and shine in your arms
Go fight those fierce winds that would cross your way, they'll surrender by your demand
Good luck my dear, you're a big boy now

If you find any trouble along the way, go on, blow that whistle
And I'll be there

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aledane mengatakan...

unyuuu km unyuu bgt. kata2 km bikin aku semangat! makasih ya, i will reach those stars above and i'll give it just for you.

the speakerbird mengatakan...

hahaha jadi inget pasha unyu. makasih juga efdioon :P gogogo aledane!

aledane mengatakan...

hahaha pasya unyu, dasar pelawak! gogogo, thanks :)

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